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Welcome to the's Baseball betting page. Here we will keep you informed on the baseball betting trends, angles, and other baseball information that will help to keep your bankroll smelling like a rose. You will find many baseball articles written by BEST BET, SPORTS HANDICAPPER, Jim Sneeringer on baseball's steroid abuse. It is important to know who is "juicing up" before you make a wager.
Directly below you will find helpful site links to our Baseball betting guide, which is a must read before you click on your favorite sportsbook.
Read the's Baseball Preview. Our preview will educated you on what teams you should watch out for this season.
If you take your fantasy baseball serious, you will find our fantasy baseball news page to arm you with some key players who should do well this year.
Finally, in the links directly below, you can click on Purchase baseball best bets, where you can get here ~ online, the strongest percentage plays on the board 

MLB 2017 Baseball Profits (base on 1 unit = $100): +$3,120.

MLB Playoff BEST BETS: 48-36

MLB Playoff Profits:  +$1,650.00

After all star break, Baseball BEST BETS: 199-164

After all star break Baseball Profits: + $3,770.

September Baseball BEST BETS: 58-35

September Baseball Profits: +$2,380

August Baseball BEST BETS: 64-69

August Baseball Profits: -$609.

July Baseball BEST BETS:  57-47

July Baseball Profits: +$985.00

June Baseball BEST BETS: 55-60

June Baseball Profits: -$635.00

May Baseball BEST BETS: 63-56

May Baseball Profits: +$378.00

April Baseball BEST BETS: 34-49

April Baseball Profits: -$1,438.00

Top 25 ALL TIME GREATEST YANKEES... , by Jim Sneeringer Sports of
Sunday, May 14th, the New York Yankees, the icon franchise of baseball, will be retiring Derek Sanderson Jeter's uniform #2. In reflexion of Derek's stellar career on and off the field, it made me sit and think who deserves to be ranked in the top 25 of all time Bronx Bombers. Here is my list of all time Yankees.

The Yankee's top 4, the Pinstrip Mt Rushmore





Numbers 5 thru 25

Yogi Berra

Derek Jeter

Whitey Ford

Phil Rizzuto

Bill Dickey

Marizno Rivera

Don Mattingly

Thurman Munson

Ron Guidry

Bernie Williams

Reggie Jackson

Lefty Gomez

Red Ruffin

Hank Penock

Earl Combs

Waite Hoyt

Tony "Push em up" Lazzeri

Jorge Posada

Roger Marris

Mel Stottlemyre

Andy Pettitte

* OUTSIDE LOOKING IN.... Dave Winfield


MLB Baseball BEST BETS (ALL): 505-459

MLB Baseball Money profit: +$4,103.

MLB Post Season BEST BETS: 30-36

MLB Post Season Money profit: -$415

MLB September-Oct 2: 80-64

MLB September-Oct 2 profit: + $1,662.

MLB August: 84-93

MLB August profit: -$1,739.

MLB July: 97-68

MLB July profit: +$534.

MLB June: 81-74

MLB June profit: +$555.

MLB Baseball May: 73-53

MLB Baseball May profit: +$2,297.

MLB Baseball April: 53-46

MLB Baseball April profit: +$490.


There are no games scheduled for this professional sports handicapper to handicap, and it may sound greedy, but that's a shame!

People say " you can't bet baseball, its to unpredictable......."
and it insane to think you can bet baseball on a daily basis .

Well.... let me tell you that those people are full of shit, excuse my language.

and my loyal, and I do mean loyal... clients will back me up on this.

We took on the baseball betting board all Spring and Summer, and we conquered it !

Take a look at reality ......

MLB Baseball Best Bets: 369-286

MLB MONEY PROFIT (based on $200 Play) = +$16,400 profit.

Thats using good money management, 1 unit and 2 unit plays, and avoiding risking high juice.

Yeah..... I can't wait till next April.... and my clients feel the same way.


Jim Sneeringer's Sports Services 2015 Baseball Best Bet record:
(based on $100 betting units)

MLB Baseball Best Bets: 369-286

MLB MONEY PROFIT (based on $100 Play) = +$8,200



MLB Baseball April Best Bets: 41-30

MLB MONEY PROFIT (April $100 plays) +$936.

MLB Baseball May Best Bets: 41-33

MLB MONEY PROFIT (May $100 plays) +$556.

MLB Baseball June Best Bets: 40-36

MLB MONEY PROFIT (June $100 plays) -$52.

MLB Baseball July Best Bets: 65-53

MLB MONEY PROFIT (July $100 plays) +$750.

MLB Baseball August Best Bets: 114-84

MLB MONEY PROFIT (August $100 plays) +$3,240.

MLB Baseball September Best Bets: 38-31

MLB MONEY PROFIT (September $100 plays) $555.

MLB Baseball October Best Bets: 30-14

MLB MONEY PROFIT (October $100 plays) +$2,340.


Congrats to the 2015 World Champions, the Kansas City Royals .

Kansas City who last year danced their way through a Cinderella post season , all the way to the ninth inning of gave seven, until the clock struck midnite at the hands of a San Francisco Giant lefty who gave us one of the greatest World Series pitching runs ever, vowed to reyou come back and kick it in !turn get the ring they so egarly thirst.

In round one of the playoffs they eliminated a young upstart team in the Houston Astros, a squad that in many ways reminded them of themselves a year earlier , and then took on their toughest obstacle, the Toronto BlueJays.
Toronto with their danferous lineup which had destroyed opponents ever since the trading deadline was no match for the Royals who were on a mission, a mission they were not going to be denied.

They were able to cruise through the World Series, playing a New York Met ball club that was not ready for prime time, A baseball team that beat themselves ever time the occasion presented its self.

Football coach Bum Phillips once said , you get their, you bang on the door.
You when you don't get in, you come back and kick it in.
This is what the 2015 World Series Champion Kansas City Royals accomplished here in 2015.

C*ongrats to Kansas City and their fans, they waited 30 years to capture their 2nd World Series i the history of the franchise.


When you think of iconic American sports hero's, sooner or later Lawerance Peter, "Yogi" Berra as to come to mind.

Many only know this man for his hilarious Yogi-isms, too many to list in this post, so lets just say, " 90% of baseball is half mental".

Yogi served his country on D' Day in WWII being in one of the first boats to hit the beaches of Normandy.

After his tour of duty he returned home and became one of baseball's most prolific clutch hitters of all time. In fact, you good make a good argument that Yogi maybe the greatest World Series hitter e-v-e-r.

Berra was on 14 pennant winners, and was a World Series Champion 10 times as a player.

He will also be remember by those who are old enough to remember, one of baseball's greatest bad ball hitters.

In Yankee universe, if there is such a thing as a Yankee Mount Rushmore, only Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, & Mantle's bust are on the mountain ahead of Yogi.

Sleep well, Lawrence Peter Berra, the world was a better place with you in it.

You blessed many with laughter and your baseball talent, and as Yogi once said.... "Be sure to attend the funeral of others, otherwise they will not come to yours".

Its the DAYS BEST BET thousands will attend Yogi's.

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